Every year the TES Committee recruit a team of talented Ambassadors to get involved and help with some of the society's most important activities and events throughout the year. If you are interested in helping out, please look at the role descriptions below and fill out an application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Executive Ambassador

Ambassador to the executive team of the society which includes the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. Your job is to assist these members with the everyday tasks of running the society. These tasks and responsibilities can change but you will be expected to be able to delegate tasks, help with planning and organising events and assist in managing communications within the society.

Dragons' Den Ambassador

Dragons’ Den Ambassador will be responsible for providing support to the Dragons’ Den Manager with one of the society’s most important projects. As an ambassador, your responsibilities will include communications between both judges and sponsors of the events, planning and organisation of the events themselves and you will be expected to be a team player and willing to assist with important tasks.

Incubator Ambassador

In this position, you will be helping the Incubator Manager to organise TES’s flagship program. The Incubator provides takes on board student start-ups at any stage of their development and facilitates further growth through workshops, mentorships and funding. Your responsibilities will include attendance of weekly meetings with startups as well as various startup conferences, assistance with communications between TES and mentors/speakers, help with event organisation, supporting Incubator Manager with sponsor negotiations and aiding with financial assessment for startups.

Startup & Internship Fair Ambassador

The Startup and Internship Fair is one of the largest events of its kind in Ireland and your job will be to assist the Startup Fair manager in its organisation. You and the team will be responsible for ensuring that the fair runs smoothly by planning and managing the event carefully, communicating with TES sponsors and any companies attending the event, managing the catering and confirming that the society has fulfilled the health and safety requirements for the event.

Speakers Ambassador (TES Talks)

The ambassador to the Speakers Convener will be expected to regularly help organise the TES Talk events held throughout the year. The TES Talks project will see many important guests come to visit and speak at Trinity and it will be your responsibility to make sure that each event is successful. You will be expected to assist in organisation of the events, plan any security required for special speakers, manage catering, ensure there is adequate social media and media communications prior to the event and finally to confirm that all health and safety requirements are met.

Networking Events Ambassador

Assist the Executive and Public Relations Officer in organising the post-event networking nights. The nights will be organised after some of our larger events (such as big speakers or competitions) and your help will be needed to ensure that they are successful. You will be organising sponsor communications and public figure invitations to these events, managing the venue reservation and catering, ensuring there is adequate social media promotion for the networking event, planning any expenses with the Treasurer and communicating with the executive team on any other matters.

Start-Up Weekend Ambassador

You will be required to assist the Executive in organising one of our most exciting events of the year. This would include securing sponsors, helping promote the event online, arranging logistics of the weekend and organising a team of volunteers for the weekend. This will be a time-consuming, demanding and exciting role. 

Public Relations Ambassador

This position requires flexible, capable individuals who can assist the Public Relations Officer across all society communications and events. You should be able to communicate your thoughts clearly through written and spoken mediums, understand what brand image means and how to maintain it and generally be an outgoing individual. Your responsibilities will include working alongside the PRO to cover events on our social media (which will require your attendance), overlook all communications with important speakers and sponsors, work with the Social Media team on campaigns for society promotions and occasionally write the society email communications.

Graphic Design/Photography Ambassador

For this position, we are looking for people who are creative, have abilities in photography and/or graphic design. Our current graphic designer will need help with creating images for our Facebook page events and posters, designing brochures and information leaflets and managing the TES brand image in all graphical communications within the society.