Hack Day

Our Hack Day event will consist of students competing in teams of 4/5 to win the ultimate prize – a graduate job at our internationally renowned sponsor, Deloitte. The event will take place on the 17th of October, 2 days before the firm’s closure date for milk round applications (19 th October), in Deloitte’s HQ in Dublin.


Each successful applicant will be placed alongside fellow students who will be given a case study to work on and pitch their findings and recommendations to the panel of Deloitte senior partners who will then choose the winning team. Each member of that team will then win not only €100 in cash prize but also the opportunity to be interviewed immediately afterwards by one of the attending senior partners for a graduate job offer upon finishing final year.


1. Students must be in final year to apply.

2. Students must have a 2.1 average and/or expect to receive a 2.1 grade in their final year examinations to apply.

3. Those who have done internships before are encouraged to apply although it’s absolutely not necessary to have done one before.

We cannot stress it more that this event is NOT only for business students, but rather is open to students of ALL disciplines in all courses. If you feel like you have the ability to win or are simply looking to practice your pitching and teamwork skills we encourage you to apply for this excellent event.

how do i apply

To apply, please send your application via email to teshackday@gmail.com
With your name, course, year and CV.