TES Incubator


The aim of the programme is to provide student startups with support and mentorship so that they can develop their idea and business. We want to take in startups at any stage of development, from pre business plan to post prototype phase and provide a platform on which they can develop their concept.
We want to empower the startups and allow them to have the tools they need to continue growth themselves after the programme concludes.
We plan to do this through the provision of workshops, mentors, workspace and funding.


We have a series of themed workshops planned to give the startups insights and advice on some of the most important topics when starting a business. We want our incubatees to feel like they are on a journey with their business and have tried to reflect that in our themes. Ranging from writing a business plan to customer acquisition, we have covered the most important parts of what it takes to build a successful business. Each of these workshops will have a guest lecturer who will speak about the relevant theme to teach the startups about these fundamental parts of running a startup.


Every fortnight we invite our incubatees to come together over dinner to discuss their ideas. We encourage collaborative communication between the startups in the hope that they can help one another.
We also invite a guest speaker to the dinners to give a short talk on their experience in the world of business with a view to providing extra insights for our incubatees.

FUNDING AND Development

We are able to provide seed funding for the startups that show us some real learning and progress within the programme. By showing commitment to the development of their idea we can provide tiered funding up to an amount of €10,000! The provision of funds will be based on the strength of each business and will be at the discretion of the programme managers.