who we are

Trinity Entrepreneurial Society (TES) is an organisation that was established to foster student entrepreneurship by providing resources to the student body via various channels. Our society educates, connects and aids both students and alumni so as to generate success in student run enterprise. For more information about our work please see our website and Facebook page.

What information do we collect from you?

TES will collect your name, as it is provided by you on the day of signing up. This will include your first and/or last name. We will also retain your email address for the purposes of adding you to our mailing list. This will allow you to receive our weekly emails about our upcoming events and  opportunities. As well as this, we ask you to provide information regarding your year of study, the faculty to which you belong.


TES collects this information for the purposes of contact with our society members. We hold on to your name so that we may personalise your emails and for other reference purposes. These reference purposes include verifying your membership in the society during an event. This issue may arise in the occasion of a competition whereby you may be awarded a prize but your membership to the society must first be validated. Your email is the primary point of contact for our society and we require every member to provide this information upon sign up.

Information regarding your academic year in Trinity College and the faculty to which you belong is collected for statistical purposes. We aggregate this data to get a bigger picture of the society membership and cater our events accordingly.

Who might we share this information with and why?

Your name and personal details are not shared with any third parties. We ensure the privacy of our members and do not provide details upon request to other individuals or organisations. Information regarding your academics in Trinity (year and faculty) is aggregated anonymously and shared with our sponsors. This information an accurate estimate of the general membership of our society and is also shared with future sponsors to aid in their decision making.

How long do we keep hold of this information?

Your details are held for a single academic year and they are released thereafter. If you so wish you can subscribe again to be part of the mailing list in the next term by contacting a member of the team or by following the link provided to you at the conclusion of the academic year in the final society email.

Do we transfer your information outside the European union or European economic area?

No, our society does not transfer any of your information outside of the EU.

What are your rights with respect to your information?

You have the right to request to be informed what information TES hold about you and you have the right to have your information removed from our records. You can remove yourself at anytime from our mailing list by following the unsubscribe link provided in each email. Additionally, you may request that all your details be removed from our database by contacting a member of the team via entrepren@csc.tcd.ie or on our Facebook page.